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    Physical therapy treatments are play based and are unique to the developmental level of each child. Sessions may include therapeutic exercise, balance training, neuro-developmental treatment, and/or adaptive equipment assessment and training.

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If you have any questions regarding any of our services, please contact us for more information.
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    Social and emotional skills are important to healthy child development.  Poor social skills often preclude children from establishing meaningful relationships.  Children with weak social skills are at risk for developing problems in school and later in the workplace. Our staff is comprised of licensed professional counselors, clinical social workers, school counselors, and a licensed specialist in school psychology.  We provide therapy to children, adolescents, adults, couples and families.

    Developing communication skills is one of the most important keys to participation in our social world.  The speech-language pathologist’s goal is to help children to become successful communicators and independent language learners.

    All of our Speech- Language Pathologists are master’s level professionals licensed by the State of Texas and certified by the American Speech-Language- Hearing Association.  They make therapy a fun learning experience to help children become confident and effective communicators.
    Occupational therapy likes to put the ‘fun’ back in functional movements.  Using a child’s natural ability and motivation to play, we create a challenging environment to assist the child to succeed in life tasks.

Services We Offer

Bosque Valley Children’s Services is a team of experienced professionals who are trained to implement successful therapeutic strategies grounded in research and proven over time.  We provide families and children with a unified approach that facilitates success in all areas of their lives.